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Job Requirements for Working as an Au Pair


Although there are many au pair jobs available which don't require previous childcare experience, there are also serveral positions for which you will need previous references.

Many new au pairs are faced with the problem of gaining childcare experience before getting their ideal au pairing job. "It's difficuly to get a job when I don't have any childcare experience, but I can't get any childcare experience until a family hires me!"

A solution that we recommend which has worked for many au pairs, is to volunteer some of your time to a charity which provides care for children in need, such as orphans and abandoned or abused children. There are many of these organizations in South Africa that will happily accept any assistance that a candidate is willing to provide. You can find on by asking friends and family, or searching the internet to find one which is close to home and also deals with issues which are close to your heart.

Not only will you experience the joy of seeing the benefits your care and companionship provides to children in need, but you will also be able to build valueable childcare references that will greatly aid you in finding your ideal au pairing position.

Own car and driver's licence

Many families in South Africa require their au pairs to assist them with transport for their children, so most au pairing jobs have own car and driver's licence as a requirements. However you will also find several positions, such as live-in or babycare positions, for which having your own car will not be a requirement.

Childcare qualifications

Ask us for information about available childcare courses such as first aid for children and infants.