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How Au Pair SA Works for Families

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of questions that are frequently asked by families using our website.

Au pairs, please view our Frequently Asked Questions for Au Pairs
1) Finding and contacting au pairs

How do I view a list of matching au pairs on Au Pair SA?

Already have a profile? Simply Find Au Pairs to view a list of au pairs matching your criteria who are currently looking for a position on Au Pair SA.
New members, please Create a Family Profile on the Au Pair SA website, and then select "View Matching Au Pairs" from the menu on your profile page.

How do I access more details for each au pair, such as their contact details?

Purchasing a Premium membership with Au Pair SA will give you access to au pair contact details and other protected info that is not available to Limited members.

2) General questions

How does Au Pair SA differ from a standard au pair agency?

The Au Pair SA website provided you with instant access to details of au pairs matching your requirements who are currently looking for an au pair position. Although there is a registration fee payable to view au pair contact details, we do offer a free Limited membership which will allow you to advertise your vacancy and communicate with candidates via the website. Also, we do not charge you or the au pair a placement fee for any placement made through the website.

Do I have to sign a contract when hiring an au pair through Au Pair SA?

No, the only agreement will be between you and the au pair that you hire. The terms of this agreement are entirely up to you, however we are glad to assist you with any questions that you may have in setting the agreement up.

How much to we have to pay our au pair?

The au pair's salary is determined by agreement between you and your au pair. The salary should be based on the geographical location, experience and qualifications of the au pair, how many hours per week the au pair is required, how flexible the au pair is required to be with their times, whether any driving is required by the au pair, etc.

For more details, please see our Salary Guidelines
3) Premium membership

What are the benefits of a Premium membership to Au Pair SA?

Au Pair SA offers the largest database of available au pairs in South Africa. Au Pair SA is South Africa's most popular au pair service, with over 200,000 au pair profiles created to date. Premium members are able to view contact details for au pairs on the website and speak directly to any candidates they would like to interview. You will also have the option of having your contact details displayed to au pairs matching your requirements, allowing them to contact you directly to apply for an interview.

What is the cost of a Premium membership to Au Pair SA?

There is a registration fee of R699 for a Premium 30 membership (30-day membership period) or R1499 for a Premium 90 membership (90-day membership period). This is a once-off charge only and is not renewed automatically. The Premium membership will automatically revert back to a Limited membership after expiry of the 30-day or 90-day membership period. There is NO further placement fee payable by either the family or the au pair for any placement made via the website.

After purchasing a Premium membership, will I be able to come back to the website at a later stage to view au pair contact details?

Yes, you can sign-in at any time during your Premium membership period to view au pair contact details, and you will also have access to the contact details of new au pairs that have joined our website since you last accessed the website.

Can I hire more than one au pair from the website without incurring an extra charge?

Yes, a family may hire multiple au pairs from the website at any time during or after their membership period without paying an extra fee. We regret no au pair agencies however - please see our Terms of Service for more details.

Will I be able to update the details of my vacancy at any stage after registering?

Yes, you will be able to update your details at any time by signing-in to your profile.

4) Security issues

Are my e-mail address and contact details secure on the website?

Au Pair SA's Terms of Service emphasise privacy and security, and your contact details will NEVER be shared with any third party other than registered au pairs matching your requirements. The only e-mails that you will receive from us will be notifications whenever a new matching au pair registers with our website, and notifications whenever a matching au pair requests an interview for your position via the website.

What security is in place with regards to online membership payments?

Credit card payments are completed via Nedbank's iVeri secure online payment server (Au Pair SA Merchant Number: 1756972). For more information please contact the Nedlink helpdesk on 0860-114-966. Au Pair SA also offers a direct deposit payment option for users who are not yet comfortable making online payments.

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