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Ntokozo M
21 Sep 2021
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25 years old
Zulu, English
Bassonia , Johannesburg South , Johannesburg , Gauteng
The Glen, Johannesburg Cbd, Park Town, Rosebank, Alberton

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South Africa
South African

R45 / hour
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35 hrs / week
40 hrs / week

Hyundai Sonata 2011
3 - 5 years
Educational background

High school

High school Matric - Holy Family College (2014)
Subjects English
Business Studies
Maths Literacy

Degress and other courses

Degree/course BA Degree in Health Sciences and Social Services majoring in Psychological Counseling - University of South Africa (2020)
Degree/course TELF Certificate - International Academy (2020)
Introduction to families
Hello family and welcome to my profile. I am a 25 year old who is passionate about the growth and development of infants, toddlers and children. Every child is different, and part of what I love about spending time with them is that I get to help each one discover his/her own strengths and talents and nurture those traits through my educational approach.
I would make a great au pair because I have the drive and the passion to do right by you as a parent and your child/children. I am patient and understanding when it comes to children but firm with any boundaries that need to be set for them. I am able to adapt quickly to any environment which makes it so easier to develop a trusting relationship between myself and the other individual. My aim is to make an impact that will last a life lifetime. One last thing, I believe more in doing then just merely saying I'm going to do.
During my free time I try to go out volunteer. I also enjoy organising charity drives for the homeless where I prepare meals and distribute them. I love spending time with my daughter and this entails singing, walks in the park and reading her favorite story books. One last thing I enjoy preparing meals and cooking.
Childcare references

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7 Mar 2016
8 Jun 2018
Organisation : TLC Children’s Home Working as : Volunteer Duties : Taking care of babies (0-12months) and children (1-5years) Responsibilities: feeding, bathing, change of nappies, play time, putting to sleep, ensure medication has been taken after or before meals Skills Acquired : Time management (ensuring everything is done on time), duties first social life later, team work.

Reference 2

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3 Jul 2017
30 Apr 2019
6 year old
Preparing for pre-school which included bathing, doing hair, preparing breakfast and dropping off at school, picking up from school and preparing meals and assisting with homework in the afternoons, spending some weekends which would include going out for picnic, visiting the zoo and sometimes movies, assisting with reading and learning trough the use of some apps from play store for children.