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Marné B
18 Sep 2021
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20 years old
Afrikaans, English
Groenkloof , Pretoria East , Pretoria , Gauteng
Brooklyn Mall

10 Jan 2022
for 12 months or longer



No minimum
11 years old

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South Africa
South African

R60 / hour
R3.50 / kilometre


10 hrs / week
20 hrs / week

Toyota Corolla 1998
Less than 1 year
Educational background

High school

High school Matric - IMPAQ (2019)
Subjects Accounting
Business Studies
Home Language English

Degress and other courses

Degree/course Bachelors Degree of Social Sciences (Psychology & Counselling) - South African College of Applied Psychology (Current)
Introduction to families
Dear Family, Hi name is Marne B, I am 19 years old, and I am currently studying psychology (Majoring in Counselling) at the South African College of Applied Psychology close to the brooklyn mall. I am an ambivert, which means I am both an introvert and an extrovert it just depends on the situation I am in. I am fluent in English & Afrikaans. I grew up in a very lovable and supporting family. We are a family of 4. My parents, my older brother and I. My brother and I live together here in Groenkloof Pretoria. I am available Right now.
I think I would make the perfect Au Pair for various reasons such as: I really love children, I actually want to pursue a career in Child & Adolescent Psychology when I get to the point in my studies where I can specialise. I am passionate in making children feel like they are important and being heard. I am kind hearted. I am an Honest and straightforward person. I am sensitive to other people's emotions. I am empathetic. I am willing to learn new things if neccessary for the effectiveness of the care I give your children. I am mature and responsible for my age because I did homeschooling 9 years out of my 12 years of school so I had to learn to work, be responsible, and hard working all on my own. I Respect parent's parenting methods therefore I will not overstep my authority unless told to do so by whoever is in charge. I used to volunteer at a preschool. I did occasional babysitting around the little town I used to live in, Nylstroom, Limpopo. Therefore I cannot give proffessional childcare references but I will be happy to give the family's I babysat for phone numbers.
I am a people person therefore I am usually at my happiest when surrounded by my closest friends just hanging out, watching movies, or just chatting. I love exercising, going to the gym in particular. I love nature, especially going for Hikes. I love baking, although I do not get to do it often. I love playing Board Games. I like organising, I feel like a neat space not only clears a physical space but also clears the mind of clutter.
Childcare references

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16 Jan 2020
5 Mar 2020
Preschool Ages, so from 4 months to 6 years. Male and Female Children.
I was a volunteer at this preschool before starting college. I Helped with all the age groups but I was mostly involved at the infancy age.