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Moloko L
2 Jul 2022
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27 years old
English, Zulu
Northcliff , Johannesburg , Gauteng
Weltervreden Road

for 12 months or longer

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South Africa
South African

Zulu, Sotho, Pedi, Setswana
R100 / hour
(Not specified)


25 hrs / week
35 hrs / week

Less than 1 year
Teaching experience
Educational background

High school

High school Matric - Forte Secondary School (2012)
Subjects Accounting
Business Studies
Life Orientation

Degress and other courses

Degree/course N Dip in Office Management and Technology - Tshwane University of Technology (2019)
Degree/course LLB - Unisa (Current)
Introduction to families
My name is Loko, I am a young lady with a playful spirit and ambitions. I enjoy spending time with children, teaching and helping them develop to their best capabilities. I communicate well with children, I grew up in a home where my mother is running a ECD center of children from the age of 3 months to 5 years. I worked there during school holidays and 2 months after a completed my matric. I also assisted in 2021 after I lost my employment and continued with my studies.
I have a cheerful and adventurous personality, kids enjoy having me around, I have capabilities to take care, mould and entertain even the most difficult children. I pay attention to every mile stone and capture necessary moments for parents to not miss out. I enjoy outdoor and indoor activities. I respect time and cultures or religions every family believes in. I refrained from teaching or exposing kids to anything that their parents wouldn't want their children to be exposed to or taught by anyone else. I have successfully taken care of 10 children below 1 year on my own and they are all grown up. I also manage well with children with Autism.
I enjoy music a lot, I help ECD centers with applying for toy funding and food donations. I believe that early learning and development is the most crucial part of a child's life. I have successfully helped 38 ECD centers receive Lego's "Building Blocks" In Bramfischerville. I am currently studying to become an attorney. I enjoy reading a lot and reading to children also teaching them new things excite me. I like going out to watch movies, take walks, have picnic at the park and spending time with family.
Childcare references

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11 Jan 2021
31 Jan 2022
3 to 10 months
ECD teacher

Reference 2

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15 Nov 2021
30 Mar 2022
8 months
Baby sitting when Nanny is off and Mom is not home. Also when weekends when parents are not home. Duties: Feeding, Naps, feeding, changing nappies, play time, bath time and meal preps.

Reference 3

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20 Oct 2018
29 Jan 2021
5 and 2 year old boys
Duties: Meal preps, changing diapers, Feeding, potty training, play time, and Nap time. During weekends and night time when parents not available.