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Amy L
18 Jan 2022
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25 years old
Bryanston , Johannesburg , Gauteng

1 Feb 2022
for 12 months or longer



5 years old
16 years old

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South Africa
South African

No religious affilliation
R50 / hour
R3.50 / kilometre


15 hrs / week
40 hrs / week

Vw Polo
More than 5 years
Educational background

High school

High school Matric - St Mary's DSG, Kloof (2014)
Subjects English
Maths Lit
Life Orientation

Degress and other courses

Degree/course Masters in Law - UKZN (Current)
Degree/course LLB - UFS (2018)
Introduction to families
Dear Family, My name is Amy and I am eager to meet you. I am currently 25 years old, of sober habits and have recently completed my LLB degree. At the beginning of 2020 I began my Master's in Medical Law and am currently still busy with my masters and hoping to complete it in 2022. I am mature, responsible and look forward to possibly au pairing your child (ren) and forming a relationship with both you and them. I love children and have some experience with childcare as I have previously au paired a 9 and 10 year old girl, and also have younger cousins and a young nephew. Thank you for your time and consideration.
I would make a perfect au pair as I am responsible, organized and empathetic and I believe these are just a few of the necessary characteristics to be a good au pair. I am hard-working and aim to please, and I am determined to do my best in any situation I am placed in. I am patient and a good listener, and thrive on being someone people can rely on. I love kids and animals and am very interested in spending my extra time focusing on both whilst enjoying new experiences. I can be both serious and fun as the situation requires and believe I am a considerate and understanding person who would do well in a position of responsibility such as au-pairing.
I enjoy anything animal-related as I am a big animal lover. I like to visit the various dog parks in the upper highway and often take my dogs there to walk and play. I also have a horse whom I often ride and groom. I enjoy reading, watching movies both at home and at the cinema and travelling when I can. On hot days I enjoy swimming and going for ice cream, and on cooler days staying inside and watching a movie or reading a book. I'm also a big enthusiast when it comes to board games and spending time outdoors. I am very social and care deeply for my friends and family whom are very important to me and whose relationships I work hard at maintaining.
Childcare references

Reference 1

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17 Jul 2019
4 Dec 2019
10 year old girl
I was responsible for fetching from school, taking to extra murals, making lunch and snacks and assisting with homework. Additionally, I assisted with ensuring bags were packed for school the next day and often helped with lifts for friends and lifts during the school holidays. We would also do arts and crafts together, such as painting, and do some exercise, such as play hockey.

Reference 2

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15 Feb 2021
7 Dec 2021
9 year old girl
Fetched from school and transported to extra-mural activities Cooked meals and made snacks for child Assisted with homework and played/carried out fun activities and crafts