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Sasondezwa M
12 Nov 2019
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28 years old
English, Xhosa, Zulu
Sandton , Johannesburg , Gauteng
Sandown Mall

for 12 months or longer



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15 years old

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South Africa
South African

a little bit of Dutch
R 65.00 per hour
R 3.50 per kilometre


30 hrs / week
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More than 5 years
Introduction to families
Dear host family My name is Sasondezwa ( my nickname is Sondy) I am 28 years old from South Africa, currently residing in Sandton. I am a fun, loving and caring person, passionate about childcare and travelling. I have worked as an au pair in America for a year and half in Columbus Indiana, taking care of one 11 year old boy, and in Rye New York, taking care of 6 children aged 6-18 years. I then worked on board Disney Cruise Line fantasy for 4 and a half years, I supervised(together with other counsellors) 300-800 children) playing games with them and helping them enjoy their Disney cruise ship. After that I work in Holland for a family with 3 children aged 5-8 years. The next year I worked as an au pair in Belgium with children aged 4-14 years in my first family, then twins aged 7 months, 2 and 4 years. In South Africa i taught at a Montessori school, caring for children aged 4 months -18 months. In New York I taught at a Montessori school(age group 3-6 years) and au pair for a family with two children aged 2 and 4 years. Through out all these years I have enjoyed being a part of the family and the children s lives, I have enjoyed watching them grown. Personally I have enjoyed growing and evolving, exploring and meeting new people and going to places I have always wanted to visit. I have truly enjoyed meeting new people and making life long friends. About my personal life I grew up with out a father, he passed on when I was 7 years old, so I have lived with my mother and my brother. I have always I loved the mind, why people think they way they do or do the things they do, however at the end of my high school career I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I helped the school out reach program every Saturday at school and enjoyed being a part of young childrens lives, I then went on to being the head of the schools outreach program and school prefect in my last year at school. When I moved to the USA in 2011, I knew I wanted to just travel for the rest of my life and that has been what I have been doing. I am a very open person, I love to talk and get to know people. I am very open minded and I enjoy challenges. I love to live a well balanced life style, I exercise at least 3 times a week or more when I have time, if not I go for quick walks. I love to gym, I love having a busy schedule, and things to do and people to meet. I am at home when I really have to be, but when they sun is out and I don’t need to be home I am out and about. I attend Hillsong church and help out at events and kids church. I love volunteering, I do so at church and for local organizations. I am a very driven and assertive person, I love positivity around me and maintain a positive outlook towards life. I am spiritual, I believe in God and I respect other peoples beliefs and expect others to respect mine. I love to cook, I love making home-made food and I am a firm believe in having home-made food. I am not allergic to anything I know of at this moment in time, I have never had any major surgery, as much as I love spending time with others I love spending time with myself, out on walks or at a park. I am an excellent driver( Iv driven everyday in 3 foreign countries) I have an older brother who lives in New York with his wife, and my mother lives in King Williamstown I am studying psychology with UNISA
I love children, i have been an au pair for ever. I worked with a child in New York city who had ADHD, he was 4 years old. I was with the family for a year, from 2016-2017. I taught at Generations schools in Sunningdale and at the Montessori School of Manhattan.
Tennis, swimming