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Suné G

#106885 - Au Pair in Umhlanga - 24(f)

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Suné G
14 Jul 2022
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24 years old
Afrikaans, English
Umhlanga , Durban , KwaZulu-Natal

7 Jan 2023
for 12 months or longer



5 years old
18 years old

Has the following


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South Africa
South African

R90 / hour
R5.00 / kilometre


25 hrs / week
30 hrs / week

Suzuki Celerio
More than 5 years
Teaching experience
Currently tutoring Afrikaans to an English speaking individual (Grade 11). Tutoring Afrikaans - helping student to understand the language; helping student with Afrikaans homework, teaching student basic skills about the language based on homework; assisting student with studying Previous experience; teaching Afrikaans to Grade 5 student, also based on homework activities. Would also tutor: lower grade subjects, Mathematics, English FAL, Afrikaans HL & FAL, Civil Engineering Technologies (up to matric) and Engineering Graphic & Design (up to matric)
Educational background

High school

High school Matric - Hoërskool Linden (2016)
Subjects English First Addition Language
Afrikaans Huistaal
Civil Engeneering Technologies
Engineering, Graphic and Design

Degress and other courses

Degree/course BA Communication Design - University of Johannesburg (2019)
Degree/course TEFL Level 5 - i-to-i (2021)
Introduction to families
I am a very friendly and creative person and I love working with children. I am very energetic and I am therefor the perfect Au Pair for your children. I believe in discipline and being fair. I know that every child is different and I can promise you that I will put effort into getting to know your children and I will motivate them to achieve all of their goals.
I would be the perfect Au Pair, because I know how to engage with children. I cook dinner for my family every night and wouldn't have a problem cooking for or together with your children! I am very loving and loyal and will ensure that your children always receive the care that they need. I also have experience working as an Au-Pair. I love learning new skills and would love to help your children to imrpove their skills too! I also have a level 5 tefl certificate and experience in tutoring!
I love ice skating, spending time with my family and playing video games. I am a very out-going person and would enjoy taking your children to kiddies events and places like the Zoo, I absolutely love the outdoors. I love doing fun activities like arts and crafts when I have time and can surely pass some creative ideas on to your children. I love editing videos, cooking food gardening (although I'm slightly petrified of bugs... haha!).
Childcare references

Reference 1

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1 May 2017
1 Dec 2018
3 girls aged 8, 11 and 17 years old and 1 boy 15 years old
Occasional au pairing. Sleeping over at the house. Cooking dinner sometimes. Helping kids with homework and doing activities with them such as playing games. Ensuring they go to bed on time. Driving to store to get needed groceries.

Reference 2

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15 Mar 2019
30 Mar 2021
2 girls aged 15 and 18, 1 boy aged 11
Fetch children from school Assist with homework and learning Take children to extra murals Take children to shop occasionally if they need anything Entertain the children during holidays or if they have no homework